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Indian Diaspora Festival

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Parents of the students of TTYE (Toronto Tabla Youth Ensemble) describe the experience of their children and observations they have made.
Video Melissa-Bhavani Das-Arp
Edited Harry W Arp 
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Classes are available for all ages and levels, and are held by semester (8-14 weeks each)

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Tabla Class in Toronto Mississauga and Scarborough

Classes are held for all levels in Toronto Scarborough and Missussauga. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Razak has been studying under Ritesh Das, and was given the opportunity to perform as a member of the Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2011. Razak is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in mathematics at the University of Toronto.

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New Beginning Classes at Bavia Arts Toronto.

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Tuesdays 5-6 PM Children

Thursdays 6-7 PM Adults.

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Tabla Summer Session

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Children’s Tabla Class in Mississauga Toronto Scarborough
This clip showcases the Toronto Tabla Ensemble (TTE) where there are different levels of young students in tabla class with Ritesh Das. This is the Mississauga branch where some of the students have been coming for two years and some just started two weeks ago. Ritesh Das has been working with all of these different levels to develop their skills and being able to play together and perform in the Toronto Tabla Youth Ensemble.
Every year the TTE School hold theory and practical exams which advances students to new levels. 
Their goal is to become well versed tabla players, highly knowledgeable in North Indian Classical music, being able to perform as a solo artist as well as accompany other artforms.
All of the students at the TTE maintain excellent grades in high school, college and university. Tabla helps them to focus their minds, increase math skills and boosts their confidence with presentations and public speaking.

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Children's Tabla Class

The youngest tabla student group. Some of these 5+ year old students only started a few weeks ago!
In case you are wondering about the Garbage cans and paint buckets, they are used by the Music class in this school as percussion. (Inspired from the Group Stomp)

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Tabla Lessons in Mississauga Toronto and Scarborough

Toronto Tabla Ensemble is a not-for-profit organization committed to fostering an interest in tabla and the classical North Indian rhythmic system by organizing classes and performing in concerts with the aim of developing and expanding the musical form.

The ensemble was founded in 1991 by Artistic Director and Tabla Master, Ritesh Das. The Ensemble’s debut show in 1993 at the Music Gallery was proclaimed by Now Magazine as one of the top ten shows of the year alongside the likes of Prince at Maple Leaf Gardens.

The success of that first show launched the Toronto Tabla Ensemble into the Vancouver Folk Festival, and eventually to stages across Canada. The first show was purely percussion, based on the pure sound of tabla. However, over the years, the TTE broadened its sound with collaborations with Japanese Taiko drums, Celtic music, belly dance, and even rock and roll, with Jeff Martin and the Tea Party. In partnership with KORG, TTE has composed several pieces using the electronic sound of KORG’s wavedrums to express traditional tabla material. TTE brought out four albums, including Juno-nominated Firedance. That was how Ritesh Das and the TTE played a major part in bringing tabla into mainstream Canadian music.

The Ensemble’s original music has been used in numerous films and commercials, and in 2003 the Ensemble was commissioned to create the current theme music for CBC Radio’s daily morning show, Metro Morning.

Tabla classes at the Toronto Tabla Ensemble are taught in the traditional style allowing students to develop an understanding of tabla stroke technique, recitation, and rhythmic theory. Through Ritesh Das’ lineage, own studies, and vision, this North Indian rhythmic system is passed on to all students, many of whom have become professional musicians themselves. Currently there are three teaching locations in: Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough.

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Funky 10 by Toronto Tabla Ensemble